Every organisation has moments where they ask 3 questions: "How are we performing?", "Who is performing the best?" and "How can we learn and improve?".  

In a data rich world, finding the answers to these questions with the insights and experience to implement change is incredibly difficult. 

Potential(x) was established to create a unique knowledge and technology company, focused on the health & human sectors. With the recent acquisition of Chappell Dean we have secured one of the premier health analytics and advisory firm in Australia and New Zealand. 

We are the full service provider for the Health Roundtable, a partnership we're very proud to have held for over 20 years. These services are delivered to over 165 hospitals across Australia and New Zealand. 

We now serve more than 300 hospitals in Australia and New Zealand, over 15 large disability services and globally 8 telehealth advice providers.


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Get the evidence


We are a specialist health sector analytics firm with over 20 yrs in the collection, standardisation & integration of big data from disparate hospital & other systems.

We develop software using open source technology, and with deep expertise in AI & Data Science build solutions that allow robust analysis and reporting.


We focus on cost effective, practical solutions that generate evidence based insights. Our Activity Bar Coding product is deployed in over 20 hospitals in Australia and NZ supporting clinicians deliver timely care, and has underpinned many health costing and activity studies.


Answer the 'so what'


Combining our data and analytical assets with deep industry experience and relationships, we provide insights to identify potential improvement. 

In a world awash with data, we're building intelligent systems that tell the story behind the data. 

Through both virtual communities and networks and event experiences we work to crowdsource and share the innovative solutions that have demonstrated impact. 


Identify the change


There's no shortage of good ideas. What we need is more collaboration to see them shared, implemented and improved on.

We collect and curate the knowledge of our clients to build libraries & virtual communities - so you don't have to re-invent the wheel. 

Then we work on site to see these ideas communicated and built upon - collaborating across the collective intelligence of over 300 hospitals and 200,000 staff.

Business Meeting

Expert Guidance


We provide action oriented, advisory and coaching support that connects peers, so they learn from each other. We leverage the evidence and data assets so that there's more time spent on the improvement, less on the analysis paralysis.

We connect globally through industry partnerships and experts to bring new thinking and experience to our clients. 


Contact us and find how our services can benefit your company.

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