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Finding (x) through partnership & innovation

There is some clear evidence of the way collaboration and partnership is having an effect on our lives. I’m a big fan of the way that Rachel Botsman thinks about & describes this – especially the focus on trust and sharing.

These models, be they the ‘wisdom’ of a star rating system, crowdsourcing, gig economies or platforms in health such as patientslikeme, all point to the need for businesses to ‘join the dots’ - becoming networks with aligned purpose, trust and consumer centricity. They are not necessarily counter to hierarchies or the historical approaches – they simply use these ‘old worlds’ in order to create something new – and before you know it whole industries are ‘disrupted’.

As we continue to develop and explore our “empower potential(x)” purpose, we wanted someone who brought a strong sense of collaboration and innovation in to our team. Finding individuals who see this hyper-networked world and the potential for creating good through it is tough.

They need to have experience - but not too much to constrain creativity. They need purpose - but not be too fixed on a utopia that’s too distant. And they need to have integrity, humility and ‘can-do’ to be able to bring people together, a navigate the agendas to find common ground.

Fortunately, we didn’t need to look too far for someone who fit this profile – of course they were already partnering with us!

Chris Kommatas has joined us recently in a critical role as Head of Partnership & Innovation. He’ll be known to many of you as someone who loves this stuff. He’s recently been working as the Program Manager for the Melbourne Health Accelerator having conceived the idea and driven its pilot and expansion. He’s also founded meetup groups and the Startup Health Tech group. With experience globally in pharma and business development – he gets the value of relationships and that’s central to our goals.

Chris in his new role is tasked with helping us find and realise our potential – both internally, by exploring our team’s ideas, hopes and frustrations; and externally, networking us to existing and new partners and collaborators who we can work with to make change happen.

It’s a really exciting development for us and this role is another critical component in building and living our purpose to empower potential through knowledge, collaboration & innovation.

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