• Duane Attree

Chappell Dean now = Potential(x)

This is a difficult one… do you ensure you don’t lose your history, but equally know you need to shed it in order to grow and develop? The animal world has many examples…. If you’re a cicada you leave your history out where kids usually find it, so they can wonder at the creature you once were….If you’re a butterfly you really don’t care because: look at you now!! But what about for an organisation? Ours is a little more complex…. Because of our partnership business model, our sense of identity is tightly tied to the collaborations we have, and who they represent….often times we look well beyond what the payslip says, with a unique and close sense of connection to the clients we serve… We are and could not be here without Chappell Dean has been and everything that it has provided us. In order to push the boundaries, which everyone agrees we need to do, we have to change…part of this is to embrace our new purpose….defining and pursuing (x) to realise our equation: potential (x). So from 1 July 2018 we will fully embrace this scary and exciting future. We will maintain a sense of our history – physically and symbolically – and at the same time, we’ll take up the Potential(x) name and brand more formally. We look forward to doing some exciting things with this change. It will challenge us – but it will make us better….and we can’t reach our potential if we’re not prepared to be challenged and to change. We hope you’ll join us in recognising our history, and embracing our future. What’s your (x)?

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