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Emerging Better

It’s been a while between posts, but hey, everyone’s had a few things on, right?

Not sure if you noticed recently, but there’s been an overwhelming proliferation of data – charts have become the norm on daily news feeds, journo’s are becoming data geeks, country’s results are compared, commentators have lots to talk about and many, many buzz words are being played on repeat (you can play along at home here)

Many businesses, and some like ours have responded. There’s AI algorithms, dashboards, new tools, supply chain analyses, virtualisation everywhere, apps and more, all available to try to make sense out of the chaos. It's the obvious path of ‘react and respond’. I’m an optimist, so I choose to believe these all come from the same place: trying to help in a time where there is no play book for what to do or that we can rely on.

We've got a lot of these things too of course. We're watching, tracking and building up some considered views on the 'unprecedented' times through the vast amounts of health data and network we care for. But I guess some of our approach is driven by a desire to make a lasting and 'right' kind of difference, not just throw more noise into an already noisy space.

Over the last 6 months, we’ve taken a very deliberate, somewhat different path. We hunkered down to really focus on a key theme: “emerge better”. Here’s a small snapshot of what we’ve been working on:

  • Like the rest of the planet, we implemented remote working. We were already there with most of our people, but despite a lovely new office space, we’re now truly a virtual business. On the whole, our awesome people are saying “we’re ok with this approach. We love the freedom & flexibility, but we also can’t wait to be back together for the human connection”.

  • We implemented new technology. We had already approved the investment program in January, but implementing has been our key thing this year. New HR systems, cleaned up the financial reporting, implemented O365, optimised our cloud infrastructure, designed and put in Salesforce, started the planning for new web portals for our clients

  • Restructured our business… we needed this. It’s hard, sensitive stuff, but undeniably necessary for us to live up to our theme. This has impacted across the business with reporting lines, role changes and a general shift of gears

  • Invested in our leadership capability, cohesiveness and thinking patterns: this has really been a key, and one that continues to evolve. We like to think we have a bit of a different culture, and this has been somewhat validated by new people who join and comment “this place is different. Good different”. So ensuring our leadership group, and especially me, are in front of this and focused on our deliberate personal (and team) development has started to really show traction in how we collaborate and improve.

Adding to this capability we’ve been really delighted in the last few months to be joined by some new people who add so much richness, and I’d like to introduce them to you now.

Thomas Vargoczky: joins us as Executive Director of Sales and Business Development. Thomas comes to us from Kanteron – a personalised and predictive medicine platform. Before this he was in IBM and Siemens. Thomas brings his calm, value-add and relationship oriented experience to support our client facing team.

Lisa Schoemaker: joins us as Marketing & Digital Manager. Lisa comes to us after a short stint with Medical Director, and before that a career in the travel and holiday sectors. She brings a dynamic, and infectious can-do style that is just terrific to have with us.

Katerina Andronis: joins us from a long stint with Deloitte where she led projects in the IT Health Care practice focused on strategy, operations, technology, financial services and clinical and process change and systems. Quite apart from Katerina’s positivity, laughter and care for our people, her experience across a range of IT challenges, is going to support our team mature and develop at great pace. She will also provide our clients with great experience to support their IT and digital goals.

We are truly lucky. We've been able to attract talented people who help make us better, and in turn we aim to make each other better.

We are committed. We work in an industry that we care about, and that needs care and support more than ever to help get us all get through the next however long.....

We are thankful. We have had the great privilege of time this year so far to put in place a plan to emerge better – so that we can contribute to a better world through our people and expertise. We are incredibly grateful to be in that position.

If anything here sparks your interest, we'd be only to happy to share our experience - together is better!

What are you doing to emerge better?

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