Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers Potential(x) Holdings which includes Potential(x), Potential(x) New Zealand and Potential(x) Wellness Pty Ltd.

Potential(x) handles personal information in accordance with our obligations under the Australian Privacy Act 1988, including the Australian Privacy principles. Where we conduct business in New Zealand we also adhere to similar provisions in the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020, including the New Zealand Information privacy principles and codes of practice.

Personal information is information or an opinion about a person who can be readily identified. Sensitive information is a type of personal information that is particularly sensitive, for example health information, or information about a person’s political or religious affiliation. For the purposes of this policy, personal information should be construed to include sensitive information. For more information on personal information and sensitive information see What is personal information? — OAIC.

What personal information do we collect?

When you access our services, as an individual or on behalf of one of our clients, or engage with us as a contractor or on behalf of one of our service providers, we may collect some of the following information, depending on the nature of your engagement.

  • Name, email address, phone numbers, and other relevant contact details.

  • Date of birth or age, and your gender

  • Job title, and the organisation you work or may have worked for

  • Bank account, credit details and other financial information, where provided for the purposes of delivering our services. 

  • Country and time zone.

  • Record and timestamp of logins and other access to our services

  • A record of which content you have accessed in our websites and other platforms

  • Browser information

  • Events you have registered for

  • Marketing and other platform preferences

  • Dietary preferences

  • your usage of and data supplied to mobile, online or desktop applications.

  • Records of your conversations with us or using our platforms, such as via email, contact forms or through chat rooms.

  • Answers to online surveys

  • Notes made by staff relating to customer, contractor or vendor management.

We collect this information through the following means

  • In person

  • By phone or video call

  • Via mail or email

  • Through our websites, mobile apps and desktop applications

  • From forms and other correspondence

  • From publicly available information such as websites

We collect this information for the purposes of

  • Developing and managing products and services, including but not limited to events and collaboration activities,

  • Managing contracts,

  • Sales & marketing.

Sometimes we may collect personal information from third parties such as

  • The organisation you work for, or other organisations you have previously worked for.

  • Other organisations or associations that you may be affiliated with and with whom we have contractual arrangement.

What happens if you don’t provide us with your personal information or do not want us to use it for a specific purpose?

You are never required to provide us with your personal information when you deal with us. You may also request that we do not use your personal information for a particular purpose. However, this may limit the way in which we can interact with you. For example, we may not be able to provide requested services or products without the information needed to manage those services or products.

To whom do we disclose your personal information?

We may need to disclose your personal information to

  • Our staff, contractors and service providers

  • To government agencies if required by law

  • Your employer, if they are engaged with us

  • In limited circumstances, to employees of other organisations engaged with Potential(x)

We only ever disclose information that is necessary for the purpose of providing our services, and where there is a reasonable expectation that we will do so.

When might we share your personal information with organisations located in foreign countries?

Potential(x) may share personal information across its Australian and New Zealand operations. We may also share your data with service providers, contractors or other partners who are located outside of Australia or New Zealand, however we will take reasonable steps to check that such recipients will not breach the Australian or New Zealand privacy principles as relevant in the circumstances.

Your rights

How to access and correct your personal information

You may ask us at any time to correct your personal information:

  • Ring us on (02) 8041 1421

  • Email us via

  • Write to Potential(x), Level 2, 120 Chalmers Street, Surry Hills 2010


How to make a complaint

If you have any concerns or queries about privacy, you can:

  • Ring us on (02) 8041 1421

  • Email us via

  • Write to Potential(x), Level 2, 120 Chalmers Street, Surry Hills 2010

We will do our best to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. However, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can refer your complaint to the:

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

  • access the online privacy complaint form at

  • call 1300 363 992

  • mail GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2001.

Other information that we collect

In providing services to our clients, we hold and manage data on behalf of those clients. We sometimes receive deidentified information about individuals. This data may include information about a deidentified person that in another context might be considered personal information. For example, information about a person’s health. However, given that the data is deidentified and access controlled, with low likelihood of reidentification, it is not personal information in this context.

In dealing with such data, we follow the guidelines of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner on deidentified data: De-identification and the Privacy Act — OAIC. Potential(x) takes all reasonable steps to ensure that such data is held appropriately and with access limited according to need.